Tips For Dealing With Others In Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a very scary place.  You walk into a room and see a lot of people you have never seen before walking about looking at you and others in the room.  If you have visited these groups before, you may feel a little better than if you have just arrived. However, getting comfortable in these situations does take time. 

For those that are embarking on group therapy in louisville, ms following these recommendations may be a good start to feeling at ease.


Just breathe.  It is important that we breathe and relax.  If we go into a situation with preconceived ideas and motives, then we won’t be getting the most out of the situation.  When you walk in with a clean mind and an open outlook then you will be more open to share your story and listen to others.


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Be prepared to talk.  When we talk, we can start to learn about each other and what our internal struggles are.  When this is done, we start to connect with others, and they start to connect with you.  To start a conversation, introduce yourself and give a brief touch on your story.  Once this is done the person hosting the meeting will start to ask questions. 


Talking is not the only thing that you need to do.  Listening is also very important.  When we listen to people as they talk, we begin to relate to them as well.  We can hear their stories, relate them to our own stories and much more.

Don’t interrupt others

It is important that we don’t interrupt others as they speak.  When it is appropriate maybe asking questions or offering support to them may be acceptable.  If you interrupt others, then no one will benefit from the experience.  Be polite, be professional and everyone will benefit and grow.